Friday, November 20, 2009

I got the rest of the fabric I ordered last week and one of the things I order was a kit with fabrics called "Back Home Again " they are lovely old style prints and as there was not a picture of what type of quilt the kit makes, I thought I would just live with the surprise. Well today I found out it is a sampler quilt made up with 6 blocks done in two sizes one 12" and the other 6". In total there are 12 blocks and today I started on the first two called Starburst.

This is the 12" block which is great to practice on ready for the smaller 6"
The 6" is then set in triangles to bring it up to 12" I like the smaller of the two. I haven't made a sampler quilt for awhile and as DH is working this weekend I am hoping to get it finished ( top only). So I can practice some more quilting on it. Best to use my quilts when I try to learn something new, than on a customers. Happy sewing and have a great weekend I will let you know if I make it or not .
Hugs Bec


  1. I like the fabric and I have done two sampler quilts and I love how they turn out very country looking!

  2. I love the fabric and samplerquilts are always nice. If I lived nearby I brought my quilts to practice for you. I think you do the quilting always very good.

  3. I can tell this sampler will be really beautiful when you are finished. The fabrics have such a soft look to them, and it sounds like you have some special quilting planned. Hope you are able to finish the top over the weekend, and will post pics afterwards!


  4. I love the lower one - it has real charm! Can't wait to see a finish!
    Hugs - Lurline♥