Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well I can  now show you the quilt I did last weekend , as it has arrived at its final destination. I tired so hard to get it completed before my sisters birthday and in fairness the top was completed awhile ago.  I just found it hard to get the quilting done as I wanted to do something special but decided in the end  just to do a edge to edge. I am still happy with the end result and I know that my sister loves it . The quilt is called " Sugar Plum Stars by Cheryl Malkowski ", it features the Tonga Treats range .It was a lovely quilt to make and I would love to do it again but  maybe blues and whites next time .
I quilted Dazzel on it which is a great design and I love the way it creates a secondary design that form circles.
Sorry the picture doesn't show it to well.

This week I set my self a challenge and I have till the end of the year to complete it . The challenge is to make a scrap quilt,  from the box that has grown with every completed project . Now I don't know if any one else is as messy as me but I have to say when I complete a project the left overs where just get dropped into well a paper bag to start of with and now that is full ,a small box.

The bursting at the sides scrap box and magazine with some great ideas
Now I love to look at other peoples scrappy quilts and think they are so cleaver for having made them, but when it comes time to making them I get very nerves as I panic about the colours and fabrics working together. So my challenge is to make a scrappy quilt using only and I mean only what is in the box. I have spent the past few days cutting and trying hard not to think about the colours and on more than one occasion I have be firm with my self and not go to the rest of my fabric stash  to add to it .  I will keep you posted with how the  challenge is going  and  if any one else would like to join me in this challenge , drop us a email would love to hear from you. Have a great week and happy sewing , I am of to do some more cutting .
Big Hugs Bec

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well Hello I have been naughty I promised to show you all the lovely things I got from my Spring swap that I did with Clare from Clare's Craft room on face book . I do apologise but what can I say the fabric was calling  hehehe.
I have also  been busy with my SSCS swap as well and am pleased to say all is on track just a bit more to finish off with them all ready to post when I get back from a little trip to Melbourne with my oldest in a few weeks . We have a wedding to go to and I do love a good wedding and I love spending time in Melbourne too.  Any way this is the lovely parcel I received isn't it just beautifully wrapping was a shame to have to open it .

But so worth it when I did , I received from Denise a I-Pad cover, a lovely little cover to hide the tissues and a matching note book to write down my ideas in. I was so spoilt and love everything that was made for me.

The fabrics are so fresh and bright just the thing to make you think of spring.  Which is great at the moment because I'm sure that it  has forgotten that it is ment to be spring , feels like winter again. Well I better go and do my Gym work out so I can fit into my dress for the wedding ( oh dear winter has left its mark ). Before I go I would like to share with you a quote I read the other day which really struck a note with me :

" Earth with out art is just 'eh' "

Have a great week and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec

Monday, October 3, 2011

Well the school holidays have been and gone and now I can put on  my dancing shoes hehehe . Although both the boys have already started the count down till the summer holidays . It was a lovely two weeks with beautiful weather lots of sewing and a few birthday's as well.
I finished and have posted the small swap I did with Clare from "Clares Craftroom " on face book. I do hope Denise liked it and as I write this I have just received hers but will show you that tomorrow . Mine is a little sewing caddy using my friend Joy's   pattern and Janelle Wind's applique pattern plus a bit of me as well.

Inside is two pockets for storing cottons scissors or
anything else you might like . As well as a piece of 
Doctors Flannel to store and keep your pins and
needles nice and sharp and safe . It came out a lttle bit bigger than the original pattern but I am happy with the look and size . 

Last week I celebrated my cough cough 40th birthday . I know 40 is the new 30 and it is only a number and you only feel as old as you want but this was a hard number for me but it is all over and done with and have to say am looking forward to the next 40  .....
This is a photo of my sister Rachael and me, we where so cute and butter wouldn't melt in our mouths ( cough cough )  . Rachael  celebrates her birthday the day after me, so September is the birthday month in our family as my little brother is in that month as well . Well better go and do a bit more sewing for my SSCS nearly finished one  and cant quite make up my mind what the other thing will be so many things I would like to make and not enough hours in the day . Hope you all have a safe and lovely week .
Big Hugs Bec