Monday, March 29, 2010

Well I know it has been awhile between posts and all I can say is sorry. I have been swamped with work ( I think there must be a quilt show coming) So I have been busy working and every time I get a chance to get on the computer to visit you all , there is a child on it doing homework and I can tell you they are both looking forward to the holidays.

So what have I been up too, not much. I have even forgotten what I was working on, so over the Easter break I will get back in touch with some of my quilting .
Today I was asked if I would like to teach a class for my local quilting shop. I have to say I am a bit scared as I wonder what makes a person a good teacher? I have done a lot of classes and have had the good and the bad of both. So what do you think makes a good teacher?

I hope all of you are well and you are all looking forward to Easter and all that chocolate, I know I am lol.
Big Hugs Bec

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I won I never win but this time I did. the lovely Michelle was having a 100Th give way on her blog and the lovely dd2 drew my name out of the hat and look at all the goodies that arrived in the post today. This was my piece of sunshine for the day as I was feeling a bit flat with all the rain we have been having. I am pleased we are getting it as our farms have needed this type of weather for so long. I now just have to decide what to build, the Ark or the Duck tape boat I saw on Mythbusters the other night to go and get the boys from school.
Hope everyone is having a great week and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec