Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well I thought you might like to see the a finished quilt for a change instead of just a quilt tops. I would have love to have taken a photo of it out side in the sunshine but once again we are experiencing the great wet . I am very happy with the over all look of this quilt but will never do a  fringed binding again . I live with the belief that  I  will try anything once might not like it but you have at least got to try it .
This is part of the fringe binding and I have to say it dose finish the quilt of nicely. It is something you should defiantly do with a good movie or two or three or four, as not a fast thing to complete and by the time I was finished lets say I am still finding threads one week later .

These are some of the embroideries that you don't get to see to well in the big photo, as well as the design I chose for the plain fabric blocks. It was nice to finish something of mine for a change and I can now count one less to the pile of quilts waiting to be quilted .
Will have a surprise for you all next week but more on that later, hope all of you enjoy your weekend and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec