Monday, January 26, 2009

Final finished Wisteria Rambling by Tracey Browning she designed this for the National Breast Cancer appearing in the Australian Quilters Companion no 27 . I have taken longer than I wanted to finish it because it went on and of my machine a few too many times.

It has been the perfect weekend to finish it , as the weather has been very wet here on the sunshine coast. I do like the rain I don't feel so guilty for staying inside and sewing.
Cheers for now

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Look what my Uncle made me. Isn't she beautiful and looks lovely on my bed. We had a nice afternoon with Steven playing on my machine while I finished of the binding to a quilt , just have to finish colouring it in and then I can show you all. It's a nice feeling when your on the home streach of compleation.
Bye for now

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gosh this week went fast. Its been full on this week with me back at work and the boys being under the weather but all is well in time for school next week (yippee).
Have managed to finish a few quilts for a customer they are her first time at quilting I think she has done a wonderful job of them.

This is something I'm working on at the moment called Blue Haven from a Homespun magazine.

Have been collecting the blue fabrics for awhile most of them are from the quilt shop I use to work in called Esmes down in Tasmania, Great shop to visit if your ever down in Kings Meadows say hello to Lillian. Hoping to get this one finished and quilted in time for our local quilt show this year. Bye for now

Friday, January 9, 2009

Well with the help of my hubby, one of my new year resolutions has been completed. My first ever blog page. Now just one more resolution to go but we won't push that one too much this year a girl has to eat cake some times, it goes so well with a good cuppa. Here are my two lovely boys at underwater world at Mooloolaba. Great place to go if your up that way, has a nice quilt shop near by as well.

Have a nice day Bec