Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello everyone Harry would like to say hello but he found a dirty spot under his leg so maybe later. I have had one of those weekends where you seem to finish of lots of things all at once.

This is the quilt that I made with the fabrics that the wonderful Tammy sent me a few months ago. Its been waiting to get on my quilting machine to be finished. I hope she likes what I have made with the fabrics it is a pattern I found at the Moda Bake house blog great patterns for lots of things from bags to quilts and other yummy things. Once again Harry is saying Hello .

With the left over Fabric from the Layer cake I weaved it together and made these pillows. Harry thought he might say hello again, sometimes he just wont be quite.

Shhh don't tell any one but I have been working On my Christmas swap I have to say I am very happy with how it is coming along just the quilting to do this weekend maybe. Just a sneak peek at one of the things I am sending I do hope she likes it.
Hope you all have a great day Hugs Bec

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have to wonder sometimes if I am the only one that lives in a nut house or are there others out there living in one too. As you all know I like to garden, some time with out luck and then other times with lots of luck and this happened with my tomato plants earlier this year. With the surplus of tomatoes I decided to make some tomatoe sauce . I asked DH to open the jar (I didn't think that I was that strong ) I thought the large spanner was a bit of over kill but it got the jar open. All I can say it tasted nice.

I went to Ikea earlier this week (love this shop almost as much as a good quilt shop almost) any way I brought some things for the boys play room to organise their Lego and other things. While there I spied this green carpet to put in their room. I came in this afternoon to find that John had made a sign for it "Keep of the grass ". I had to laugh as it is the same colour as grass and shaggy as well the only thing is I can vacuum this grass and it looks better than the grass outside at the moment. I do love my bunch of misfits.
Hugs Bec

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well after getting a reply to my email from the gracious Gina, I have discovered we have a lot in common apart from the Rugby. Only watch that when Australia and England play and only then to see use get beaten ( one day). Any way in her email she mentioned that she still had her first quilt ever made, which got me wondering how many out there still have their first quilt and what or who got you started in Quilting? This is my first quilt it was for Nicholas he was 2 1/2 when after seeing some of these fabrics in a window and he wanted some of them . With the help of the quilt shop owner I was started on the road to quilting . It was sewn by hand and quilted by hand too ( not very well) but Nicholas loved it . After this I was hooked and the rest is history, although now when I see this quilt I think one; Nick was so cute ( they both were and still are) and the second; Is all the mistakes in the quilt . But we all have to start some where don't we....
Take care a enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Hugs Bec

PS if you put a picture of your first quilt on your blog let me know I would love to see them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

After a great morning at quilting group, we had our breast cancer morning tea and needless to say I was in heaven with all the yummy things to eat. I even had some coconut ice I hadn't had that for years and scones with pink cream yummy. It was a wonderful morning by all, with great raffles and good company and all for a good course. On my arrival home there was a parcel waiting for me on the step. With arms loaded full of groceries ( Hate doing this job) I rushed in side to see what I was sent. In the parcel was ............

the cuties little bag you ever did see with fabric and chocolates too. The lovely Gina of South Wales in England sent me all these goodies. Thank you so much Gina it is the right size for when I take my stitcheries to quilting and with every use I will think of you. I hope everyone has great weekend I am going to finish off a quilt so more about that one latter.
Hugs Bec

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guess what arrived to day in the post my summer swap and was I spoilt by the lovely Beena. Isn't it so gorgeous I love my cats and Beena knows this and I love the beach . Two of my passions all in a small quilt just for me .

She was very sneaky we had been emailing for quit awhile now and I did not know until the other day when she told me she was my swap partner. I had been comments on the swap postings on her blog for awhile never the wiser. In one of her blogs she said that she had made another quilt and was not sure which one to send. I left the comment along the lines of I liked both of them, so that is what I got both of them aren't they beautiful.

And as that was not enough she also sent me this lovely star bucks cup ( go here often with a friend for coffee) and this Christmas fabric , for my birthday. Thank you so much Beena I am so happy that I have been given the chance to get to know you. I have enjoyed the swaps, as I have had the chance to get to know some lovely Lady's and receive some lovely quilts in the process.
Hugs to all

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I would like to say thank you to all the comments you have left on my blog it is nice to know that I am not the only one out there with a DH that can't tell the difference from a weed and a plant.
It seems to be a sore point with us all and I think that a lot of DH have been band from the garden.

I would like to say I had a lovely time at the nursery and here is the replacement passion fruit with it own bamboo stakes for protection, lets hope this helps. I also brought some Zinnias ( love these) and a plant that I only know as yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is a shrub that has dark purple flowers to start of with and as they age they get lighter purple to white. It has one of the Nice's smells and I have planted them in front of our lounge room windows. If you do know its botanical name please let me know I know its a old plants , love the old plants I know they are not every ones cup of tea but there is something about them. My garden is a mixture of all types of plants I think of it as a old garden, its the type I grew up in with. It has a lager variety of plants from things that smell nice to things you can eat.

I also got to do some sewing with a bag for me . I used the same pattern as the bag for my sister. I also got to do some work on my HO HO HO's, it is hard to believe that Christmas is only around the corner where has the year gone. Well I hope you all have a great week and happy sewing.
Hugs Bec

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its a sad sad day to day. I have had to say good by to my passion fruit vine.

After it had survived several soccer ball strikes it came undone with the whipper snippier in the hand of my DH ( not so much at the moment) . When confronted with what he had done, he said "I thought it was a weed". How could it be classed as a weed it grew half way up my pergola and was about to have its first flowers . The workings of the male mind will never be under stood I think and I have 3 of them in the house HELP.

I guess the up side is that tomorrow we are of to the nursery to buy a replacement Passion fruit and maybe some new plants too . I do have a few spots that need filling and I don't think a hurry up or are you done will be said tomorrow, do you !
Hope you are having a great weekend
Hugs Bec

Friday, October 2, 2009

Well I have to say I am not the best of sisters when it comes to getting things made or sent on time but here it is, to my sister I have finally made your laptop bag and it will be in the post on Monday. I like this pattern so much that I think I will make one for my self . I found the pattern in one of my favourite magazines Homespun, it is called The Prairie Satchel by Toni Coward and is the right size for my sisters laptop, I hope this will help when she goes to Uni. As for the cat he is real , Binks just doesn't move through the day when he is in his favourite spot.

This photo is for my friend over the water, look at my chooks I am still working on the real things . One of the lady's at quilting makes these out of clay I think they look good in my veggie garden. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will .
Big Hugs