Sunday, January 31, 2010

The sea was at its best today and this is a picture of it at low tide, high tide was alot more spectacular so I was told my a lovely old gentleman. We were unable to be there to see it. The shore was littered with jelly fish and stingers as well as all the other things you find after a storm or king tide .

I had a little laugh after reading the life savers warning board. The only thing not on the board was beware of sharks, maybe on tomorrow's board.

I have to share this picture of John, he said he caught this fish but I know he found it on our walk. I swear my kids think I was born yesterday lol.
Hope you all have a great week
Big Hugs Bec

I received my first Valentine quilt this week from the lovely Anita and I love it. The hearts are so cute and I love the way she has made them look like flowers, Thank you so much Anita , it will hang in my room so when I see it I will think of you .

We have had some rain this weekend ( hooray) and king tides as well, so later today we will go for a walk on the beach to see what damage has been done. We have had a lot of high to king tides over the last few months and the beaches are suffering. A lot of homes that back on to the beaches have in some cases lost up to half of their backyards. You sometimes forget how powerful the sea can be and how it changes our coast. I hope everyone is having a great weekend with lots of sewing or as DH calls it playing.
Big Hugs Bec

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well it final arrived and now I can show you the quilt I made for my Fall swap partner. I was unable to show you before because it was Michell the organiser of the swaps and I wanted it to be a surprise. So I made the first one before Christmas but the Gremlins have moved into my house and the quilt went missing ( and I still haven't found it). So once again we sat down and remade the quilt but I am sure it is still different from the first one . If I find those gremlin's they have a lot to answer for, like where are all the odd socks and where is my left running shoe ( I am sure it smells and why they would want it is beyond me).

I can also show the table runner I made for my SSCS partner Kim , I had fun making this table runner as it is a Helen Stubbings design and I do like her work I am in the process of doing all the stitches to her quilt" Nice people Nice Things", there is 52 and that not counting the applique blocks so I think one a week I should be ready to put together early next year (lol lol lol as if ,try 3 years time)

I hope you all are having a great week I am of to have a coffee with a friend to celebrate the return of school ( what a naughty thing to say lol )
Big Hugs Bec

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I would like to introduce the newest member to our family. My little brother and his partner are pleased to see the safe arrival of little Cooper and wait a cutie he is and so well behaved ( until they get him home and then all the fun starts).

I have been looking at my blog the other day and discovered that I have not shown any of the things that I have been making. So that you don't think that I only receive things here are a few of the quilts that I finished over the Christmas period. This is a quilt I made using one of the Moda scrap bags that I ordered from America before Christmas, I think the are a great idea and had fun designing and making this lap quilt.
I also remembered that I had not shown you the finished sampler quilt. I am pleased with how it came out and I love the fabrics and I think they work well in this quilt. Although I think it will be on its way for a little holiday soon, I'm not sure just yet......

I have also finished a few more quilts but they are for another day.
Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies out there and I hope you all have the BBQ ready for the big day.

Big Hugs Bec

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have had a week that disappeared before my eyes . On Friday I received this lovely little Fall quilt from my swap partner Shawn from the Quiltin Fairy.

I was wraped to receive this quilt and even more surprise to see all the little goodies that came with it as well. I feel so spoilt and thank you to Shawn.
Dram roll please as we get ready to announce the winner of my give away. First of all thank you to everyone who entered, I was a bit surprised by how many of you did.

The lovely DH

And the winner is Drum roll

Julie from Homespun Fiber
Congratulations Julie and thank you to everyone how entered, I hope you all have a great week and happy sewing.
Big Hugs

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well as our holiday ends for DH and my self we are feeling relaxed and ready for the coming year. We have caught up with friends and family, finished of jobs around the house that you just don't seem to have time for and spent some time with the Boys. So what better way to spend your last day than out for a BBQ with family. We all met at Kenilworth Cheese factory for some yummy cheese, I walked away with some Feta Cheese, Mango and Ginger jam and Boysenberry jam ( yummy on toast). We then went to Charlie Morgans park for a swim in the river, BBQ and to spent time in nature.

This is a seed that my Dad called Glue Fruit, very sticky when handled and very hard to get of your hand .

I just love all the things you can see in our bush, I hope you all have a great week and don't forget to put your name down for my giver way in the posting below. Only one more week to go so good luck to all.
Big Hugs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I find it hard to believe that I have been blogging for nearly a full year ( will be a year on the 9th of Jan). In this time I have enjoyed getting to know some truly amazing people. I 've learnt new things and watched the start and finish of some really beautiful quilts. I 've been in a few quilt swaps and loved the ones I have received (the best one was Chookyblues SSCS swap and I can not wait until I can do it all again at the end of this year). I 've shared the pain of some of you who have had the wind knocked out of your sails by life and have watched as you have got right back in to the race again with pride. In saying all this I would like to give something back to you all out their in blog land.........

I have 2 charm packs of Back Porch Prints , 1 Moda Bake Shop and lucky last a Jelly roll of Martinique by one of my favourite designers 3 sisters. So if you wish to enter in this give away here is how it works :

Leaving a comment = one entry point
Advertise this give away on your blog = one additional entry point
Joining my followers group = one additional entry point
Being a follower already = one entry point ( automatically)

So you could end up having a maximum of three entries in this give away. Great odds!

The give away will be drawn by my lovely DH in 2 weeks time. So good luck to everyone and thank you for all your comments you have left throughout the year
I have enjoyed reading them all.

Big Hugs Bec

Monday, January 4, 2010

I was going to show you all my finished Sample quilt today, but I received something much nicer in the post today. A lovely parcel of fabric panels from a dear friend all the way in Florida , Beena . Beena has been very busy over the past few months designing panels which she is hoping to have in shops soon. I have been admiring them on her blog and never did I think I would receive some from her, she is a real treasure and a great friend.

I have to say my brain is now in Hyper drive in what to do with them, but for now I will just hang them on my design wall and admire them every time I come in to my sewing room. Thank you Beena you made my day.
Big Hugs Bec