Friday, July 31, 2009

In one of my earlier blogs I showed these bear paw blocks that I was working on. Well I had completed all the blocks but got too busy with work and other things to put them together. So I have made a rule that everyday I will spend 1/2 to 1 Hour doing only my work and over time it has payed off, with the completed centre to Blue Heaven by Megan Fisher. I still have two more borders to put on but already this is a large quilt. I think it will be the biggest quilt to date that I have ever made. As it was a lovely day outside I decided to take the picture in or backyard, when Chloe came to see what I was up to and posed for the camera.

She is our 9 year landscape artist. Chloe can replant a days work in 30min and prides herself on undermining 6 meter high trees. We will hire her out to anyone interested in remodelling their backyard. She also likes to ham it up for the camera.

This is my favorite ,she fits in well with the nut house although I do find it hard when I am trying to get something to grow.

and speaking of growing last year ,I saved a orchid from the reduced rack in Bunnings . I did not know what colour flower it would be and I was so excited to see it was a nice purple pink and that I hadn't killed it off . I tend to believe you have to breed them tuff to survive in our house with the boys, cats and the dog.
Big Hugs

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a turn out for our first day of the quilt show, apparently around 1000 people came through the doors for the quilt show. This is great for Caloundra Quilters, we have such an amazing group of talented Lady's .

This bright beauty is called Hard Rock Candy and Fudge by Susan Eastburn

This amazing one is called Around the Orient by Angela Mohn

This one is a sure winner for best of show and is called Emanon by Joe Karvanagn, a lady who has the best jokes and sense of humor .

These are some of our groups Challenge Quilts to help Celebrating 150 years in Queensland. They were given two fabrics that had to appear in the project. It is amazing how different everyone tackled this challenge.

Some more Challenge Quilts.

This is Floral Pinwheels by Pam Priestly

This is Sandy, she was demonstrating how to do paper piecing. When I spoke to her in the morning she was on her last row and later in the day when I caught up with her again and asked if she had finished it, she said she would have if she hadn't been talking to much, which I found hard to believe as she is so quiet at quilting. Well hope you have enjoyed the pictures it was a fun day.
Big Hugs

Monday, July 20, 2009

Last night I started playing with some 2 1/2 inc strips that I had left over from another project and this is what I came up with a very odd shape quilt. I have decided to call this one HEADACHE. Not a quilt that will win a prize and probable will end up in the back of the cupboard or for the king Harry to sleep on.
I had never joined pentagrams together on the machine. This was something I had always done by hand and now I know why. I like to try new thing but this may take me awhile to get over. I know you are probable saying I should use lots of pin, well I did and I now have no more band aids in the house.
I have quilted over it with a feather meander and I like the look it gave, it hasn't shown up to well in the photo, quilting never dose. Better go rest my sore hand or I might do some more playing ,whats a little pain when you're having fun.

Big Hugs

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Escapade of Harry the Cat

Once again Harry has given us proof that he is not all there. John my oldest son was blowing his nose( the poor thing gets a lot of hay fever). While this was happening Harry who was eating because he must stay a constant body weight,got such a fright from the noise John made took
off running towards my room to hide under my bed. Any way, on the way to my room he slipped on the tiled floor and proceeded to slide under my bed and out the other side, straight into the wall with a big thump. Harry being Harry got up shook his head and promptly went back to eating again. I will never understand what makes Harry tick and I don't want to because he always makes me laugh. Some days I just know I live in a nut house.

Big Hugs

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello to all
I have been asked by the lovely Margret to put a note on my blog about the up coming quilt show in our area. I understand that not all of you can come to what I am told is the best Quilt show on the Sunshine Coast ( its my first one). So watch this space for pictures from the quilt show, but if you are in the area please feel free to come.

Caloundra Quilt show
25-26 July
Caloundra Arts Centre
5 North Street

I would all so like to say I have really enjoyed reading everyone blogs I am always amazed at all the talented people in the world. When I first started quilting I never thought that I would meet such lovely and generous people and not just here in Australia but all over the world.

Big Hugs

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Princess and the Pea

There was once upon a time a big cat, that wasn't happy with just one bed so meowed until it's owner gave it another bed. The big cat was still not happy so the owner gave it another bed and after a lot of turning in circles decided this was nice to sleep all day on. While the owner slaved ( only joking love doing this) away on her quilting machine to be able to buy the big cat more food. As we all know a big cat only needs a few things , these being three beds, food and a cuddle from any passing family member who has the energy to pick up this big cat. Harry our princess and the pea.

Big Hugs

PS......... Now Harry is in fount of me as I writing this on my blog, he is on his back doing his impersonation of road kill all flat.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few blogs ago I showed you my first ever whole cloth and said I was busy designing a new one, well some were in the process it changed from semi traditional to ?????. Not sure if it would be a art quilt or whole cloth quilt, but I have made a pond with some fish swimming around in it.
The first picture is with no flash and second is with flash, see the different. The whole quilt changes with the light. I do like the second picture as it looks more like water which is the look I wanted to get. The background is one whole piece of fabric that I brought at a quilt show some time last year to practice quilting on. When I opened the packet and looked at the fabric I instantly thought pond . I have had fun making this quilt and now I have to decide which category to put it into for our local quilt show, any ideas please let me know .
Big Hugs

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's here, it's here !!!! After coming close to a stalker (poor postman) my quilt has arrived all the way from Pascagoula Mississippi and it's lovely. Jeanette has done a lovely job and the fabrics are gorgeous, it was wrapped in some more beautiful snowflake fabric. My boys have officially declared their mum as weird. It arrived while we were out at the beach and as I had to clean the sand of me before I could open my parcel (the entire time saying I'm so excited).

What a great day, this morning I got some roses from my husband for our wedding anniversary. After 14 years I think he needs a medal for all the times he has done a U-turn because I saw a quilt shop , listen to me rant and rave when the quilt wont work, as well as all the times he has pretended to like what I have done. It takes someone special to be with a quilter. I hope you all have a special someone too. Kids on the other hand where do I start!!!!

Big Hugs