Friday, October 2, 2009

Well I have to say I am not the best of sisters when it comes to getting things made or sent on time but here it is, to my sister I have finally made your laptop bag and it will be in the post on Monday. I like this pattern so much that I think I will make one for my self . I found the pattern in one of my favourite magazines Homespun, it is called The Prairie Satchel by Toni Coward and is the right size for my sisters laptop, I hope this will help when she goes to Uni. As for the cat he is real , Binks just doesn't move through the day when he is in his favourite spot.

This photo is for my friend over the water, look at my chooks I am still working on the real things . One of the lady's at quilting makes these out of clay I think they look good in my veggie garden. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will .
Big Hugs


  1. You made a beautiful laptopbag. I think your sister will love it. And i like very much your cat.

  2. What a great idea and laptop bag! Your sister is going to love it.

  3. Bec that bag is simply gawjus!!! Your sister will LOVE it for sure :o)!! If she doesn't .... I'll send you my address he he he. Your Binks is adorable too, my Sophie is like that too, except she settles herself on my sewing chair so that I have to find another!!! Cheeky thing lol!!!
    Joy :o)

  4. I really like the fabric you have used in the laptop bag. Binks is a character and your clay chicks are charming! Ann :)

  5. I have a little cement chook and 3 chicks in my garden at the gate......last markets I got a turle with baby turtles very cute..........

  6. Nice bag. You must make one for yourself too. Chook? Unfamiliar term in Wisconsin. Exactly what is that?