Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have to wonder sometimes if I am the only one that lives in a nut house or are there others out there living in one too. As you all know I like to garden, some time with out luck and then other times with lots of luck and this happened with my tomato plants earlier this year. With the surplus of tomatoes I decided to make some tomatoe sauce . I asked DH to open the jar (I didn't think that I was that strong ) I thought the large spanner was a bit of over kill but it got the jar open. All I can say it tasted nice.

I went to Ikea earlier this week (love this shop almost as much as a good quilt shop almost) any way I brought some things for the boys play room to organise their Lego and other things. While there I spied this green carpet to put in their room. I came in this afternoon to find that John had made a sign for it "Keep of the grass ". I had to laugh as it is the same colour as grass and shaggy as well the only thing is I can vacuum this grass and it looks better than the grass outside at the moment. I do love my bunch of misfits.
Hugs Bec


  1. I love to go to Ikea, but is always bad for my ourse. I had to laugh over the sign John made. I think boys have never enough to get organized. And in the end the only one who get organized is mam.

  2. Funny! Not to worry, there are more nuts out there. The human race is a strange bunch. I think God had a twinkle in his eye when he created us. Have a great day.


  3. My house has been beyond nuts these days. I'm calling it a "House of Horrors"! Please don't ask!!!! LOL

  4. Love the skull and crossbones! Boys never change do they, mine drew those 30 years ago! It's nearly time for a trip to Ikea for us too, just love that store and the cafe isn't half bad too!.

  5. How great is that "Keep Off" sign. My lad who is 30 something brick paved space invaders across his drive way !