Monday, October 12, 2009

Guess what arrived to day in the post my summer swap and was I spoilt by the lovely Beena. Isn't it so gorgeous I love my cats and Beena knows this and I love the beach . Two of my passions all in a small quilt just for me .

She was very sneaky we had been emailing for quit awhile now and I did not know until the other day when she told me she was my swap partner. I had been comments on the swap postings on her blog for awhile never the wiser. In one of her blogs she said that she had made another quilt and was not sure which one to send. I left the comment along the lines of I liked both of them, so that is what I got both of them aren't they beautiful.

And as that was not enough she also sent me this lovely star bucks cup ( go here often with a friend for coffee) and this Christmas fabric , for my birthday. Thank you so much Beena I am so happy that I have been given the chance to get to know you. I have enjoyed the swaps, as I have had the chance to get to know some lovely Lady's and receive some lovely quilts in the process.
Hugs to all


  1. Lovely gifts! You are such a lucky girl. Ann :)

  2. What a beautiful items did you get from your swappartner. I am glad you have replacement for the ruined plant in your garden. Sorry I did not response earlier, but I was a few days away.

  3. What beautiful quilts! You are a lucky girl!

  4. Holy tamoly! What a lucky gal you are. Beautiful gifts.

    Have a wonderful crisp autumn day. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Wow Bec...Two summer swap quilts...Lucky you! The extras are great as well. My summer quilt is coming from USA as my partner emailed me to tell me she was running a little late. I can't wait.

  6. It is always so fun to receive a package in the mail, and when it comes from a quilter, it is always like Christmas. What a great swap partner you have, but such a sweet lady deserves no less.


  7. Fantastic quilts, Rebecca - some of these swappers a just a little bit too cheeky (and clever) aren't they?!
    I love looking at what you're up to, it's always interesting!