Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well after getting a reply to my email from the gracious Gina, I have discovered we have a lot in common apart from the Rugby. Only watch that when Australia and England play and only then to see use get beaten ( one day). Any way in her email she mentioned that she still had her first quilt ever made, which got me wondering how many out there still have their first quilt and what or who got you started in Quilting? This is my first quilt it was for Nicholas he was 2 1/2 when after seeing some of these fabrics in a window and he wanted some of them . With the help of the quilt shop owner I was started on the road to quilting . It was sewn by hand and quilted by hand too ( not very well) but Nicholas loved it . After this I was hooked and the rest is history, although now when I see this quilt I think one; Nick was so cute ( they both were and still are) and the second; Is all the mistakes in the quilt . But we all have to start some where don't we....
Take care a enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Hugs Bec

PS if you put a picture of your first quilt on your blog let me know I would love to see them.


  1. My first quilt was one I quilted when I was going to have my first baby and that was 34 years ago. I think my daughter has it so I'll have to call her today and see if she has it or my youngest daughter and I will post it!

  2. My first quilt I made in 2004. I only quilt a couple of years and hope I learnt a lot since then. I will post it tomorrow.

  3. What a great ist quilt

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. What a sweet quilt! That is how I got started too. First time pregnant and had to make a quilt for my baby on the way. I took a class in New York City in 1976 when we lived there at a local school. It turns out the teacher was a designer for McCalls Patterns. How lucky was that? My first was filled with mistakes too and unfortunately got loved to death and no longer exists. Looking back does help you see how far you have come, and you have come a long way Bec.


  5. Here's a picture of the first quilt I made.