Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was cleaning up my sewing room or should I say moving one pile of stuff to another space to pile up and wait for another day when I real have the time to do it properly ( ha ha ha ha ).

Any way I found my gorilla I made last year. It is raw edge applique quilt from "the pattern place", it only took a day to make and quilt . I brought it because the gorilla has the face both my boys get when they are concentrating on something, not that I'm saying they are gorillas but when I think about it they tend to do a lot of monkeying around or is it just a boy thing .
Hugs Bec


  1. I have a grandson that I call monkey boy! I really think its a boy thing for sure. I just the quilt top.

    Happy cleaning!!

  2. I like your gorilla very much. And yes little boys are like little monkeys. My son was the same long long ago (he is now 36)

  3. You do very nice work, Bec. I really have never seen that pattern. It looks hard. It is hard to believe it only took you a day. I love the contemplative look too. It really makes for something going on in the quilt. Great work!