Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a day It started out so good turned horrible, them good and I can't believe it when we got home!!!!!!

I guess I better start from the began.

A few months ago we organized with some friends who where coming up to stay from Tassy to meet at Dreamworld. This was to be a surprise for our boys, so far I had done well to keep the secret . On the way to Dreamworld I thought I would use my in car charger to charge the battery for my camera ( it came with the camera and I hadn't used it yet).
BANG that was the camera so no pictures to show you of our great day and the boys faces. They had the best day and no idea until we pulled in. Nicholas went on every ride and didn't stop smiling all day. John and I enjoyed the gentler rides and love seeing the Tigers.

The can't believe it came on our return home. We had left at 7 in the morning and returned at 8 pm to find our front door wide open AHHHHH . Some how in the rush to leave this morning we left the front door open . What can I say--------- today has really had its UPS and DOWNS.
How old do you have to be before I can say it was a senior moment?

Big Hugs


  1. I think that would be 50! But it happens no matter what your age. It does sound like you did have a good time.

  2. I have two neighbors (who are in their twenties) who went to bed and left a pan on their stove that they forgot to turn off. Even when the smoke alarm was going off for an hour, they didn't wake up. I complained to the apartment manager that I kept smelling smoke, and could hear an alarm. He went down to their apartment, and didn't hear anything. So half an hour more passed, I called him back and asked if he could check again, because the smoke was starting to fill up in my apartment through the wall. The manager had to let himself in their apartment with a key and wake them up, and turn off their stove and remove the pan which had been smoking and burning. Now this couple is only in their twenties, and forgetting something so big it could have killed everyone in the building!!! So don't feel bad about forgetting a door. But it is too bad you didn't get any pictures of your boys at Dreamworld!

  3. Oh Bec what a shame the camera broke!! But on the bright side, you obviously live in a pretty safe place if you can leave your front door wide open all day and come home to find all your stuff is still there :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  4. At least no one had been in but what a fright you must have had.

  5. You must not live in the city . Shame about the camera but glad you all had a good time .

  6. I say the moment you have kids and have to get them out the door at 7 am for an all day affair, you are allowed senior moments!