Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry for not saying hello earlier but it has been one of those weeks, so sad to see my friends off, busy with work and then a trip to the doctors to be told I have Viral Tonsillitis ( I had them taken out when I was 9 go figure). So I'm afraid not much has happened on the quilting front. I was just wondering what type of design walls everyone has. As you can see mine is not to big and is just some wadding pinned on to a quilt. I don't have a lot of wall space in my room and what I do have is made so I can change the quilts quickly.

This is one I'm working on at the moment , when it is together there is big red poppy's going over the top. Lillian sent me the fabric last year and I have been thinking on what to do with it ever since. Dame shame another trip to the quilt shop for the right red to go with it as all the reds I have are a dirty red and I thing it needs a bright. Would love to hear what type of design wall you have. Is it on a wall or like one of my friends on the back of her bedroom door.

Nothing to do with quilting but what a great view, went here today. Sat in the shade and had our lunch.

Big Hugs



  1. Sorry about your tonsillitis! I hope you feel better soon!

    I have no official design wall. Things just get tacked to a place on the wall. I keep meaning to buy a large piece of fleece and put it on the wall to use, but I never seem to get around to it!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon . You're right gorgeous view .

  3. Oh Bec..... tonsilitis!!! You poor thing!!! Hope you're feeling better soon :o).
    My design wall used to be the loungeroom floor, but my cat Sophie was always rearranging my blocks for me so I had to make another one he he.
    Joy :o)

  4. Thats no fun to be sick!
    I don't have a design wall right now, I have a crib in my craftroom that is taking up the wall that I'm going to use down the road! So the floor is it for right now!
    Love the view!!!!

  5. Hope you are feeling better. Tonsilitis and no tonsils? That's not fair. Your quilt-in-progress is lovely. Shame about the fabric buying trip but it's one of those thing we quilters just have to do. Cheers..Ann :)

  6. I don't have a design wall. My room just isn't big enough for that. I use the floor. This way, things don't stay there for very long. haha
    Hope you're feeling better!