Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well the time to confess to my naughtiness has come. A few weeks ago I bought this range of Amy Butler fabrics to make a bag for my sisters birthday next month. I thought this range would be nice in the bag and although I like them they were not something that I would have looked at for me, well that's what I thought at the time.

My pallet of colours has always been the rich dark colours like reds , blues , browns and greens. I like the brighter colours but find it hard to use them. So while they sat there on my desk we started to have a chat and decided to audition blocks for a quilt. I was already heading down the wrong path ,bag was forgotten and a quilt was being planned
I was doomed. Well now is the time to reveal what the fabrics and I have come up with. I hope you like it I think the fabrics do.

This block is the rail and fence block the lovely Lady's at quilting have been making charity quilts using this block and although I have made it a few times it is such a versatile block. I love how bright and light it has come up perfect for summer. The down side to all of this is I now have to go back to the quilt shop and get more fabric ( he he he he he)
Big Hugs


  1. Well that's not so so terribly naughty! Especially if you still plan on making a bag for your sister. The quilt is stunning! How can you help it if the fabric wanted to be this, instead of a bag?!!!!!

  2. OOOHHHH, it's fabulous - I can't see anything naughty about you creating such a fabulous quilt - I assume the bag will come later??! (after all, you had to check all the auditioning of the fabric would be successful!)

  3. Well, that's a turn up for the books - and what a fantastic diversion. The quilt looks terrific and I'm sure you'll make the bag once you've had a chance to look for some (more) fabric. Ann :)

  4. What a beautiful fresh looking quilt. Its taken me a while to get a way from dark colours too.

  5. What a beautiful quilt, I just love the white with those shades of green.

  6. Love, Love, LOVE it! Gosh, it looks so fresh, so summer-y, so pretty. Keep an eye on that one, and if it goes dissapearing someday, don't come looking for it at my house. Honest.