Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ohhh look what I got in the post today....................

Tammy at my swap partner from the spring swap sent me this lovely parcel in the post to cheer me up for last week and to say thank you for the book I sent her. Ohhh they are so pretty I like the fabric and pot holder's she made her self ,she is a clever lady. She is away on a cruise at the moment, I hope she is having a great time. The quilt Sampler magazine is my favourite and sells out fast here if your not quick. So hopeful this afternoon with a nice cup of tea I will get to read it before once again tackling the ever growing pile of ironing. My mind is off, wondering what I can do with the layer cake fabrics. They are fun the quilt in my header is made from a layer cake. Just never enough time...........
Big Hugs


  1. I do hope you get to the cup of tea and your magazine, along with sneaking in some sewing time.
    It really is okay to occasionally neglect ironing and other chores for sewing! I live with a fair amount of squalor and house work that never ends, especially with a teenager running around the home. I have finally accepted the fact that all those socks lying all over the place, all the mess he leaves in his wake, is what makes this OUR home together. It makes it cozy and lived in! I can be happy when I look at it that way, which is better than being discouraged. Before I know it, he will leave the nest, my house will be clean, and I'll miss those socks he left everywhere! And because house work is something that never ends, I may as well make time for sewing.
    Those are just my thoughts to share with you. From time to time, you really will have to neglect that pile of ironing. And don't ever feel bad about it!

  2. What a wonderful stash of goodies. I do like the quilt in your header. Have fun with your layer cake and charm squares. Ann :)

  3. how nice! I love your quilt in the header too.. would match wonderfully with my red and duck egg blue studio I'm dreaming about! xo

  4. Hi Bec,

    It looks like you are feeling better. I'm so glad. I do love the quilt in your header too. I have never been a part of a mail swap for quilters, just my guild. You are getting me interested in joining something like that. It opens the possibilities up so much bigger. I love to read your blog. I do appreciate you taking an interest in ours too. It seems like I live in another world from where you are, but when I read your blog, it just feels like home.


  5. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) That parcel of goodies looks like fun, especially the fabric! I love the quilt in your header - it looks fab! :)


  6. You are very talented! I have only made 3 quilts in my life but none were as beautiful as yours! And such a fun gift you received! Hope you have a good week and have fun quilting!