Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well it is off on it's maiden journey all the way to Germany. I hope she enjoys it and that they are the right colours that she asked for.
I think they are because I had a peek on her blog .
Flowers are Summer to me and as I like to applique and I thought this may work, plus she asked for something traditional .
I would like to thank Michele for organizing these swaps, I have had a blast with them and look forward to the next one. Have fun sewing.

Big Hugs


  1. Wow! You've already completed your partner's swap quilt and even mailed it, and it looks amazing, Bec!

    I thought about doing flowers, too, but finally decided to go with something more "beachy" for the Summer Swap. I'm still in the design and fabric selecting stage.

    I'm impressed that yours is already done!

  2. Oh thats funny mine is going to Germany also. But you got yours done alot faster then me. But I'm hopping to have mine done by the end of next week.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much! Can´t belive it! It´s mine!!! Georgeous!!!