Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Princess and the Pea

There was once upon a time a big cat, that wasn't happy with just one bed so meowed until it's owner gave it another bed. The big cat was still not happy so the owner gave it another bed and after a lot of turning in circles decided this was nice to sleep all day on. While the owner slaved ( only joking love doing this) away on her quilting machine to be able to buy the big cat more food. As we all know a big cat only needs a few things , these being three beds, food and a cuddle from any passing family member who has the energy to pick up this big cat. Harry our princess and the pea.

Big Hugs

PS......... Now Harry is in fount of me as I writing this on my blog, he is on his back doing his impersonation of road kill all flat.


  1. Pets are the best! I had a cat that looked just like yours years ago.

  2. Your cat just looks so peaceful and darling!

  3. Oh that Harry looks so spoilt just like my big fat lazy cat !