Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A few blogs ago I showed you my first ever whole cloth and said I was busy designing a new one, well some were in the process it changed from semi traditional to ?????. Not sure if it would be a art quilt or whole cloth quilt, but I have made a pond with some fish swimming around in it.
The first picture is with no flash and second is with flash, see the different. The whole quilt changes with the light. I do like the second picture as it looks more like water which is the look I wanted to get. The background is one whole piece of fabric that I brought at a quilt show some time last year to practice quilting on. When I opened the packet and looked at the fabric I instantly thought pond . I have had fun making this quilt and now I have to decide which category to put it into for our local quilt show, any ideas please let me know .
Big Hugs


  1. What a piece of artwork! I just love the colors you used, the orange just pops out. I'm not sure where to put it what categories are there?

  2. Wow Rebecca This is gorgeous.

  3. I'd like to know more about how you created this lovely piece. Are the fish and lily pads painted? and if so with what? In the first picture the lily pads look like they have been quilted using trapunto......?
    Category? Sheesh, it could go in either the wholecloth OR an Art category. I guess I'd decide by figuring out where the most competition would be.......