Friday, July 31, 2009

In one of my earlier blogs I showed these bear paw blocks that I was working on. Well I had completed all the blocks but got too busy with work and other things to put them together. So I have made a rule that everyday I will spend 1/2 to 1 Hour doing only my work and over time it has payed off, with the completed centre to Blue Heaven by Megan Fisher. I still have two more borders to put on but already this is a large quilt. I think it will be the biggest quilt to date that I have ever made. As it was a lovely day outside I decided to take the picture in or backyard, when Chloe came to see what I was up to and posed for the camera.

She is our 9 year landscape artist. Chloe can replant a days work in 30min and prides herself on undermining 6 meter high trees. We will hire her out to anyone interested in remodelling their backyard. She also likes to ham it up for the camera.

This is my favorite ,she fits in well with the nut house although I do find it hard when I am trying to get something to grow.

and speaking of growing last year ,I saved a orchid from the reduced rack in Bunnings . I did not know what colour flower it would be and I was so excited to see it was a nice purple pink and that I hadn't killed it off . I tend to believe you have to breed them tuff to survive in our house with the boys, cats and the dog.
Big Hugs


  1. Your bear paw quilt is gorgeous.

    Too funny about your "landscaper"...what a cute dog!

  2. Your quilt is lovely! I think I need to use your idea about spending time each day on my quilt.
    I puppy is so sweet. I could use her in my yard we are trying so hard to get it ready to plant grass this fall.

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Nice site. I followed you over from our site to see what you are all about. Very fun. Your show was fabulous! You all are very talented. It is so fun to see that fellow quilters are not separated by miles but by only a thread. Greetings from Wisconsin, USA. Our members will be checking in to see what you are doing in your part of the world from time to time. Wel welcome here as well.


  4. The bear paw is one of my favorite patterns. Your blue and white version is just so classic and beautiful!