Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Escapade of Harry the Cat

Once again Harry has given us proof that he is not all there. John my oldest son was blowing his nose( the poor thing gets a lot of hay fever). While this was happening Harry who was eating because he must stay a constant body weight,got such a fright from the noise John made took
off running towards my room to hide under my bed. Any way, on the way to my room he slipped on the tiled floor and proceeded to slide under my bed and out the other side, straight into the wall with a big thump. Harry being Harry got up shook his head and promptly went back to eating again. I will never understand what makes Harry tick and I don't want to because he always makes me laugh. Some days I just know I live in a nut house.

Big Hugs


  1. I think you are not alone, and there are many of us out here living in nut houses! LOL
    Your cat sounds wonderful!

  2. What a funny cat! I think it would be a boring life if we lived in a normal home.

  3. I live in a nut house, too! Is this the same cat that needs three beds? Thanks for making me laugh this morning! Great story.