Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I see stars .......... no I don't have a head injury although I do know some people who might say other wise .

Have you ever brought a pattern and no matter how many times you read through that pattern you can't make any sense of it . Well this pattern was one of them. So in case like this the photo is the key, so with the help of the photo we now can see the stars .

I am hoping to get a lot of work done over the next few weeks as Hubby is off over to Germany to see family and friends for two weeks . I never sleep very well while he is away so great time to work on my own tings . Have to say am looking forward to it as I have been neglecting my own sewing at the moment. As for our training for the Bridge to Brisbane all is going well we are now running 14 km a day and just have to get my time down . I have really enjoyed running more than I would have thought and am thinking I might give a half marathon a go.

Hope you are all have a great week and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec xx


  1. I feel your pain Bec, my best work is at night when I'm "home alone"

  2. Glad you are seeing fabric stars, not the other ones!!! Hope you get lots of sewing for yourself. Good on you with your training. I don't know how you run in the Brisbane heat!!!

  3. Good on you for persevering with the pattern and actually finishing the top! It looks great.
    I hope the three weeks your hubby is away goes really fast, and you can also enjoy the break!
    I feel exhausted just thinking about running that far, Lol

  4. nice stars.......i don't sleep well when dh is away either..........your doing well with the running..........goodluck........

  5. Love your star blocks. I am the same when my DH gose away.