Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now hands up those of us that have a project that we sometimes do but are in no hurry to complete the type of project  you take to your quilting group each week stitch 3 stitches on and then take home again ( because to busy talking )to do it all over again next week . Well I have one of these projects and I am pleased to say that the center is now completed and all I have to do is the boarders and all is done, well until I get to quilt it . I started this quilt 2 years ago and it has been a constant friend on my trips to quilting , doctors and general running around after the kids.  It is not a hard quilt but a lovely quilt called "Amore" by Ann Gadsby Designs.

Now I have to figure out the second border weather to go pale or dark hummmmm . One thing I know is it wont take another 2 years for that decision,   I feel a trip to my local quilt shop coming up Yippy and hubby not here to see what I buy oh this could be very very very  bad .
Have a freat week sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. I can put my hand up for this one! I have a small stitchery I have been working on since before Christmas that I take along to my Monday night group, it's still got a little ways to go!
    Have fun at the quilt shop!

  2. A tiny dark and then a light border, delicious quilt Bec...

  3. You block is lovely Bec, I recieved my stitching around the block from you. Thankyou its beautiful. I think I'll make a cushion.