Saturday, January 15, 2011

To all the Emails I have received thank you, I and my family are all well although we are a bit over all this rain. The clean up has started in Brisbane and I am so proud to call my self a Aussie as people from all walks of life are putting on their Gumboots and grabbing their shovels to help remove all the mud and damaged possessions of complete strangers that where affected by the floods. Although I am unable at the moment to get down there to help I tried to give in other ways. I never thought I would live to see something this terrible in a place I love.

So with the sunshine today I decided to have a airing of the quilts as they really needed it with all the rain and humidity that has been around. Now on collecting all my quilts together I was amazed with how many I had .

Now this is only a quarter of my quilts but I only have a small clothes line and could not get them all out so hopefully we will have the sun for a few days to get all the others aired. I thought maybe I should donate some to the flood victims but which ones as they all have a special place in my heart , like the first one I ever made or the quilt that got me a job working with Lillian. Oh this will be a hard decision but I think it is time to send some away and hopefully to a home that will love it as much as me . Hope all of you are well where ever you are and happy sewing.
Big Hugs Bec


  1. I'm sure whatever quilt(s) you decide to giveaway they will be cherished!

  2. I make them and want to keep them all..........favourites for different reasons...........

  3. Hi Rebecca
    lovely meeting you yesterday at Cleveland. Hope your trip home was without dramas. Cheers Kate

  4. Hi Bec
    All your quilts are beautiful, its a hard choice deciding which ones to give away.Its a lovely idea. Talk to you soon

  5. Hi Bec
    Lovely to see some of these quilts again.
    I know how hard it is to give them away.
    I have had to cull a few of mine.
    Cheers Lillian