Friday, March 18, 2011

Well as you all know Hubby is on his trip and like a lot of other Lady's sleep becomes a problem when the partner is away. Over the time I have found a few thing that help me to unwind and get some sleep , some of these range from knitting to puzzles. So of to my local opshop to have a look at some puzzles for me to do while Hubby was away.
Now I found this 2000 piece which I thought would last the 2 weeks.................................

Now imagine my surprise when I opened it up and found this ................................................

I can not understand this one bit, the person how owned this puzzle before me completed it and then when putting it away placed all the edges in a bag, the grass in another, sky and so on and so on a total of 6 bags. Somethings just leave you short of words . I don't know about the rest of you but when I finish the puzzle it gets tossed back on the box for the relaxing sort through next time I want to do it .

And as for the knitting well started a pair of socks but might only make the one so will be on the look out for a one legged person to give it to .
Have a great day and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. My husband has been in India for the last 3 weeks but I have NO PROBLEM sleeping when he is away. He SNORES! Loudly! I get really good sleep when he is away. He has traveled alot during our 30 year marriage so I guess I am used to it by now.

    So how long did it take to do your puzzle?
    Did it help you sleep?

  2. Well as for the socks ... Bec you're way ahead of me, I've knitted one row on mine. Yes that's right ... just one row. I'm not a knitter - could you tell LOL.
    What a strange way to pack up a puzzle. I would have tipped all the bags out into the box and mixed them up ... that's half the fun of it, searching for the edges ;o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  3. Very timely post, hubby is away for the weekend and the house is so quiet, and a bit strange not having him around. But I have lot's planned to keep me busy! Funny about the jigsaw maybe it is a really hard one and they wanted to give the next person a helping hand or perhaps they sorted it all out but never got around to starting it and put it away like that ready for a rainy day;o)

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Michelle - maybe they never actually did it. After all the sorting it might have been too much for them :)
    My husband bought me a jigsaw of 3000 pieces when he found out I liked jigsaws. It is still in the sorting stage and i wonder if I will ever do it. I like about 1000 pieces at the most - they seem achieveable.