Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a fun week I have had I decided that I am going to do a queens size whole cloth in the coming week, but before I tackle that one I deiced to have a go at making a smaller one . I have to say what fun and I learned a lot, I'm sure I have more to learn but I know feel confident in taking on the queen size now. So what do you think ?

This is a close up of the center.
I have had a lot of fun with this quilt and it already has a home lol .They never stay long after they are finished , its getting to the stage where I have to frisk the family after they have been to visit.
The school holidays are coming to a close fast, which is sad but also good ( well for my sanity it is ). The boys have enjoyed them so far and now that the rain has stopped they are enjoying it more with trips to the beach . Happy sewing and I hope all have had a great start to the new year .
Big Hugs Bec

The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.


  1. Bec that is absolutely stunning!!! What a fabulous job you've done!! Love it :o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  2. I think it's absolutely gorgeous Bec, I love it...

  3. Wow, wow and more wow. Fabulous job.

  4. It is fabulous. I wish you a very good 2011.

  5. I'm impressed, it is stunning! Are you sure it already has a home?

  6. What do I think? I think it's beautiful, everything about this quilt is wonderful. Great job. Love the dictionary quote, too.

  7. I love it Bec!
    A QUEEN size one is next?????!!!!!?????
    That is ALOT of work!

  8. Just lovely. Wholecloth quilts are beautiful!