Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well I would like to say that the bag is packed but that would not be true and it will more than likely be a rush job in the morning. But I can say that I have done all the work I set my self to do before my little Holiday to Tassie. I can't wait so excited and only one more sleep to go.

One of the things I did complete this week was a very special quilt, now I can't show you a picture of this quilt because I think Liz should do that. This quilt is for a special lady called Sue and is made up of blocks that lovely bloggers have sent to Liz from all over the world, so go to Liz Blog and have a look it. It's worth it trust me although you may have to wait to see the finish thing as it was only sent back today by over night so not to long I hope. Now I am of on my way tomorrow and am so looking forward to see my sister and family and catching up with friends. So hope you all have a great week with lots of sewing and I hope to have lots of photos to show you all next week, that's if I can find the camera I know its in the house some where maybe I should clean up before I go .
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Have a fabulous time Bec and once again, thank you...

  2. Have a great time , looking forward to hearing all about it !

  3. Enjoy yourself. You are a treasure to help Lizzie out.