Friday, October 22, 2010

I got a belated birthday present yesterday from Lillian and it was a pile of fabric with a note to make myself a table runner. I have to say I love presents like that because I have the fun of making it. So I was a bit naughty and instead of working yesterday afternoon I played, if the truth must be know it was the fabrics fault it was talking to me to make it. Sometime fabric can be so naughty lol.

I love it and had a lot of fun making it, I love the red but I always love Moda reds they are so beautiful. Oh I am off to Tasmaina in a few weeks and so looking forward to catching up with friends and seeing some truly beautiful places. Happy sewing and have a great weekend.
Big Hugs Bec


  1. That is beautiful fabric Bec and the runner looks lovely, it's nice to treat yourself to some me time every now and then..

  2. beautiful fabric and a wonderful pattern to set them off.

  3. I love the borders, it looks great. Nice to see you making something for yourself. Enjoy your break to Tasmania.

  4. It is very beautifull. I understand that the fabric was calling.

  5. What a beautiful table runner. I agree with you. One can't beat the great reds from Moda!

  6. wow, wow, wow!!!
    Beautiful colours, and I don't know how you do your nine-patches to meet so accurately.
    It's wonderful to have compulsive play-time now and then. Well, may be all the time would be even better!
    Enjoy your peaceful leisurely trip to Tassy-land!