Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well back home again and what a great and busy week I have had. It was very sad to leave Tasmania, but I know I will be back one day. I spent a few days in Hobart with a good friend would love to show you some photos but was talking so much forgot to use the camera lol. I loved catching up with Bron and seeing her farm and of course the shopping although I did end up paying excess but it was so worth it . I then drove to Wynyard to spend the weekend with my sister and the family. I got to play hairdressers with my nieces which I love as the boys won't let me braid their hair ( I don't know why as both have very long hair at the moment ). We then went for a walk to Guthridge Gardens a place I sent a lot of time playing in as a child. It was lovely to watch the kids run around and play in the sun as the weather turned to cold and rainy the next day, I forgot how sudden it can change in Tassie.

This is Table Cape and every time I see that I now I am home even though I have not lived in Wynyard for a long time. I still feel it is my home as I have such great memories growing up there. Well that's it for today, tommorrow I will show you the rest of my trip plus the fabric I brought, what fun I am going to have playing with it .
Have a great day and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Great to have you back Bec! Looks like you had a fabulous time away.

  2. Looks like a great break Bec, it's nice to see some sunshine here too I have to say...