Monday, October 4, 2010

Auhhhhhhhhhhh school holiday, Jury duty and now to top of a really full and sometimes interesting few week , its short by 4 inches. I know you are probable scratching your head by now and to tell you the truth so am I.

I have finished the center to the quilt kit I brought from America and have gone to put the first boarder on only to find the fabric is short by 4 inches, so the hunt will start this weekend to see if we can track down the remaining 4 inches in one of our local shops ( shame that :D )

I have really enjoyed making the kaleidoscope blocks and with the special ruler, I found it very easy to create.

I have been on jury duty for the last week and have this week to go, well it has been interesting and the boys are now back at school as off today (thank you) so life will soon go back to some normality well as normal as any house with two teenage sons, a dog, two cats and one DH will ever be. Well better go hope you all have a great week and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. The quilt is very beautiful. Bear is having a nice time and made some friends already.

  2. Wow the quilt is stunning, hope you find the extra 4 inches!

  3. Wow, those kaleidoscopes are fabulous Bec, shame that the fabrics short, it's always a little disappointing when that happens with a kit..

  4. Beautiful work! I also am doing a kaleidoscpe quilt at present. It is absolutely amazing how many wonderfully surprizing patterns a one patch of fabric corner can make...
    I have recently been to Bayside Stitch and Crafts and remember seeing some of the Rober Krafsman's Imperial Collection and Hoffman's Oriental Tradions. You will probably have the most likely chance there to find the 4 inches of fabric you are looking for there as far as local shops are concerned.
    Good luck!

    Rebecca, Can I send you my patchwork when it's finished to get it quilted by you?
    You have quilted a couple of my quilts and it was just so wonderful!

    Keep us posted on your 4 inch fabric search!


  5. How frustrating! I do hope you find your fabric. The kaleidoscope blocks look incredible! Ann :-)

  6. Another great quilt, Rebecca. Lovely talking to you yesterday, sorry it was cut short. Look out for mail next week.