Monday, October 3, 2011

Well the school holidays have been and gone and now I can put on  my dancing shoes hehehe . Although both the boys have already started the count down till the summer holidays . It was a lovely two weeks with beautiful weather lots of sewing and a few birthday's as well.
I finished and have posted the small swap I did with Clare from "Clares Craftroom " on face book. I do hope Denise liked it and as I write this I have just received hers but will show you that tomorrow . Mine is a little sewing caddy using my friend Joy's   pattern and Janelle Wind's applique pattern plus a bit of me as well.

Inside is two pockets for storing cottons scissors or
anything else you might like . As well as a piece of 
Doctors Flannel to store and keep your pins and
needles nice and sharp and safe . It came out a lttle bit bigger than the original pattern but I am happy with the look and size . 

Last week I celebrated my cough cough 40th birthday . I know 40 is the new 30 and it is only a number and you only feel as old as you want but this was a hard number for me but it is all over and done with and have to say am looking forward to the next 40  .....
This is a photo of my sister Rachael and me, we where so cute and butter wouldn't melt in our mouths ( cough cough )  . Rachael  celebrates her birthday the day after me, so September is the birthday month in our family as my little brother is in that month as well . Well better go and do a bit more sewing for my SSCS nearly finished one  and cant quite make up my mind what the other thing will be so many things I would like to make and not enough hours in the day . Hope you all have a safe and lovely week .
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Imagine how young 40 will seem when you are 80. Hope you have been spoiled on your special day. That's a cute sewing caddy. ann :-)

  2. lovely project.....good to hear some SSCS sewing..........