Friday, September 2, 2011

Last weekend on the not so sunny coast, well lets just say the weather here  has been yuk and always on the weekend. I decided to put down the hand sewing that I have been  working on for the past few weeks and play with a scrap bag I brought awhile ago. Now its not a very exciting pattern but I have to say it is nice to do something a bit simple for a change ( as the brain cells are not in the best form at the moment ) thinks its to do with the lack of sunshine wink wink .

I have to say am loving these scrap bags. As great fun, first with not knowing what fabric is in it and then second the usefulness of the pack with whipping up  a quick little quilt for a lovely little girl . Will get to see her this weekend I do hope she like it .
As for the range of fabric not sure but  it looks lovely with the white very fresh just in time for spring . I am nearly finished the 3rd border of my "Daisy Dance"  only one more side to go . I have surprised my self with how fast  I am managing to get through the sides.  I have to say was thinking at least 2 weeks for every side not really that fast with the hand sewing . Hope to have a photo of it soon to show you how it is all coming along. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and the sun is shining where ever you are,  happy sewing .

Big Hugs


  1. Such a pretty quilt. It's the simple ones that please the most.

  2. lovely quilt........send the rain to me.........

  3. That was a super scrap bag and you've made a terrific quilt. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Daisy Dance. Ann