Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am so easily distracted........... You would think by now that I would be able to set my mind to one task and complete that task with out any problem but NO.  At the cough age of cough, 2 weeks off cough cough 40 Please help me but that is another story for another day.   I am distracted by fabric and threads. I finished this quilt top a few months ago and with being so busy with other peoples quilts it got put on the pile and forgotten about until this weekend . For the first weekend in quite awhile my machine was free and so on it went . I am nearly finished and will show you all when it is complete.

Now I know I said that I was planning to work on Daisy Dance this weekend and in all fairness I did a bit . I sewn on three of the borders ready to complete the corners and got the last side ready to stitch through the week nights. Very happy with the way it is all coming together .

I all so signed up for two swap once again  the lovely Chookyblues SSCS swap ( so love doing this one ) and a quick swap that Clare from Clare's Craft room is running on Face book . With lots of stitching to be started I better go and get working so full of ideas, lets hope I don't get distracted for a  little while but it sure dose make life fun. Have a great week and happy sewing .
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Happy almost 40th Bec...will you do anything big for such a special birthday? Love your basket quilt and your stipple on that is perfect! Oh yes, I must get into chooky's swap, off to do it now!! xo

  2. welcome to the SSCS..........have fun.........

  3. Hey 40 is the new 30! Such pretty applique and daisy Dance looks fantastic!