Monday, May 17, 2010

It has been a very mad house kind of week this week, I guess I better start at the beginning. At the end of last week poor John had to have his toe nail removed as it was ingrown, all was looking good until the second bandage change where I noticed he had a slight temp and the toe was looking red and big. So of to the Doctors again to discovered the John had a Staph infection required more antibiotic's. So after lots of trips to the Doctors, I am pleased to say both John and toe are well and on the road to recovery.
For those of you how read my blog often, know that I have been going to the gym to try and loss some weight. Well the other day I was given some size 12 pants as I am running out of clothes ( very expensive this losing weight), I thought there is no way that I would be a size 12 but shock horror I was. So on doing a happy dance around the bed room went to show DH my new size. Now the next thing I am going to tell you left me a bit dazed. The lovely DH said your bum looks saggy in those pants, not wow you look great no your bum looks saggy. Talk about leaving me deflated. I was not sure how to answer this one as I am sure gravity has something to do with it. Sometimes I do have to remember why I love him..........

Any way today has been a great day as I received a parcel of fabric that I had ordered from America. In it was some more Civil war fabric for the quilt I am wanting to make. I like the blue strip fabric the most, I might just have to order a bit more.
I also got to quilt my Lone Star the other day. I am happy with the way it came out and am looking forward to making my big one soon.

I am looking forward to a better week this week and hope you all have a good one. Happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Ouch ingrowing toe nails are nasty - but not as nasty as the sagging bum comment! Gravity eh, hate it!! Love the Lone Star though, it's beautiful. Have a good week and spend some time on sewmamasew's giveaway day - lots of goodies to be won.

  2. It's hard to sympathise with a person's toenail when he can't be civil about a "perfect" size 12 bum. Sorry John I'm on Bec's team.

  3. Be proud of yourself for your weight loss, no matter what ANYONE has to say about it. Be proud, because it is a lot of work. And never feel deflated by any man, because they have not had to carry babies in their belly for 9 months, and go through what it is we women have to go through, and what it does to our bodies. Never feel deflated by that. If it were me, the next time that man wanted sex, I would tell him my mood was too saggy for some reason....(wink)

  4. lovely fabrics and congrats on the weigh big is the small lone star???

  5. Congrats on the weight loss, I just think that is wonderful and I'm sure your behind looks great!

    Love the fabric, civil war is one of my favorites!

  6. You keep happy dancin' girl! That's a great reward for all the hard work you've done, you should be proud!
    The Lone Star looks fab too!

  7. Oh dear, your DH hsn't been trained very well. Doesn't he know the answer to that one! Your Lone Star is wonderful. Ann :-)