Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please excuse me for what I'm about to write, for those of you who don't want to hear me go on or are grossed out easily please turn off my blog ( I will not be hurt if you do, it is only one gross thing). As for the rest of you how are willing to be grossed out and read my little story sit down and enjoy but I did warn you.

As some of you know I have been going to Gym for the past 3 1/2 months and on joining was give by a 21 year old with neck muscles bigger than my thighs the benefits of exercise, these are as follows........

1. I will sleep better...... Hummm i am still waking up at 1am and having to toss and turn until 4 only to get out of bed at 5. I was told that as you get older you require less sleep, I am afraid no one has told my body this. and if this is true why do people as they get old have Nana naps on the couch........

2. I will have more energy through the day.......... Now this is true for a whole 4hrs and then I could gladly crawl into bed but this is not the best thing to be doing at 10 in the morning.

3. Helps you to more effectively manage stress....... I think this 21 year old is in for a shock when he has Kids if he thinks that only exercise alone will help with the stress kids give you (try a glass of wine, why not the whole bottle)

4. Now this is a good one ,Enhances sexual desire, performance and satisfaction ....... All I can say to this is KIDS.

5. I love this one, Helps to boost creativity..... would be great if wasn't so tired all the time.

6. I had to laugh at this, Helps to reduce the risk of developing prostrate cancer...... I am pretty sure I look like a female.

The list goes on and on these are just a few of the things I was told on joining . Now don't get me wrong I am happy with the way my body is changing and with my weight loss ( 11kg). I like the way I don't have to cover my mouth with my hand when asked about my weight . I also like the fact that I can tie my shoes and not have to stop half way because I need to come up for air.

I how ever don't like the way my tummy after two Cesarean and a few surgery's has stared to looks like my backside (the worst of it is I am sure it farted the other day or was it air trapped in the folds of skin I don't know )
I am pleased with what I am doing to improve my well being I just wish they would have told me that it is hard work and you will only get what you put in, instead of the other stuff.

Thanks for all the comment on what to do with the quilt below I will try and get it finished this weekend to show you. Have a great week and happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Oh dear! That gave my tummy a work-out laughing. I love the belly flatulance comment. I've been trudging off to the gym swathed lycra now for 6 months and have gained weight, built muscles where muscles shouldn't be and moved to a size larger clothing....what's up with these gyms?

  2. You are right to be skeptical about anything that comes out of the mouth of some 21 year old who doesn't have kids!

    I am starting to regret not having taken better care of myself, because I would very much like to still be here when my son has children of his own someday. THAT, my dear friend, is why you need to take care of yourself! So you can still be around for your Grandchildren!

    Your wonderful family and friends still love you with your c-sections and all.

    Energy always has ups and downs in a day. Find the time of day yours is at its highest, and squeeze in the things you need to do the most at that time. And always, always, make some time for yourself at that time, too, to sew or create!

    To anyone who has kids, I say, sleep when you can!

    You have a great week, too, Bec! And the only thing gross about your post was how delusional a 21 year old can be about the very real and natural aspects of aging everyone faces!

  3. Ahh Beck, I had a good old belly laugh at your post, then I realised it was wobbling while I laughed which made me laugh more!! I thought everyone knew that 21yr-old males have NO IDEA whatsoever as to what constitutes life. His mother probably still washes his socks and jocks for goodness sake. Take it easy and don't be hard on yourself...

  4. Very funny Bec! you have given me a good laugh just before trying to go to bed to sleep!
    I wish you luck with your continued weight loss. It sure does go on a lot faster than it comes off!
    I've been hiking and Jazzercising for months now and the scale is NOT moving down very quickly! guess I need to stop the OC eating!