Monday, January 11, 2010

Well as our holiday ends for DH and my self we are feeling relaxed and ready for the coming year. We have caught up with friends and family, finished of jobs around the house that you just don't seem to have time for and spent some time with the Boys. So what better way to spend your last day than out for a BBQ with family. We all met at Kenilworth Cheese factory for some yummy cheese, I walked away with some Feta Cheese, Mango and Ginger jam and Boysenberry jam ( yummy on toast). We then went to Charlie Morgans park for a swim in the river, BBQ and to spent time in nature.

This is a seed that my Dad called Glue Fruit, very sticky when handled and very hard to get of your hand .

I just love all the things you can see in our bush, I hope you all have a great week and don't forget to put your name down for my giver way in the posting below. Only one more week to go so good luck to all.
Big Hugs


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. That first one would look great as a part of a memory quilt! I am glad you have had a nice holiday with your family, Bec!

  2. You certainly have had a terrific break. Good on you! Those cheese and jams sound delicious. Our bush is incredible. We have had the kookaburras in our neighbourhood for a couple of weeks. It's a great sound. Cheers, Ann :-)

  3. Lovely pictures and a beautiful trip. It is for me hard to believe that it can be warm outside. I cann't leave the house because it is to slippery outside.

  4. Sounds like a fun time, cheese, jam and family what more do you need! Love the picutes!

  5. i am so jealous. We are freezing over here.

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. I am so thankful to the Internet for allowing friendships such as this. To get to experience another place on Earth this way is thrilling. It is so different from Wisconsin which is buried in snow right now but beautiful just the same also. It is also fun to get to see the differences and things in common with you all. Great pictures.

    Love, Debbie from Reedsburg Area Quilt Guild