Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well all have arrived safely from Tasmania and today was a big birthday party for all the May Babies in our family, there are quite a few. The quilts were given with the last one just finished last night. These two gorgeous girls are my nieces Olivia and Milly, the quilt is for Olivia who is holding Milly.

This cutie is Phoebe.

This lovely young man is Ryan.

This toothless cutie is Xanthe .

This is Ryan , Tully and Xanthe

Here is a photo of by brother , sister's and niece. Starting from the left is my best friend and sister Rachael from Tas. The tall beauty behind her is my niece Tamika , she did not have the best start to life but she has grown up to be one of the most gorgeous persons I know . The handsome young man is my brother Robert the baby of the family. Next is my sister Felicity also best friend and mum to Tully and Milly and finally Me, I am really not one for photos I just prefer to be the one taking them. It was a great day for my mum who was so happy to have so many of here babies under the one roof with only two missing my sister Lara and my other brother Ben.
Big Hugs to all

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