Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love the cooler mornings that we are starting to have. Its nice to walk the dog and feel the cold in the air . I know its not the same for everyone but I do like the weather a lot more this time of the year in Queensland than in summer. I enjoy spending more time in the garden trying to tackle the weeds into submission ,they always seem to have the upper hand.

I found these seedlings growing in the rock paths around the back of my house last month and thought they were mock orange bushes so I carefully transplanted them into potting mix I especially bought for them. I have cared and watered these plants for a month ,only to be told yesterday that they were WEEDS.


Huggs Bec


  1. I agree weeds are sneaky and they are back breakers too. Luv your quilts you have made.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has been fooled by the weed. I though I had coriander coming up only to find it was a weed. The seeds I had sown never did come up. Blasted weeds.