Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wow what a blur the past few weeks have been there has been a holiday, surprise, sewing, gardening and a Wedding ........ so grab a cuppa get comfortable and lets get started .
My oldest son and I have had a small holiday a bit of a rest for me and  some relaxation  time before exams start for John . We spent a few days in Melbourne seeing the sights and  shopping . We went to the museum to see King Tut's belongings, Parliament house, Carlton Gardens, rode the trams  and lots and lots of shops . It was just the thing  we both needed and the high light of the trip was to spend the day with family and friend celebrating the wedding of my cousin Liam to his lovely bride Heather.
The couple on the big day , they both looked lovely and the ceremony was wonderful .

While I was away a parcel arrived for me, all the way from the America from my friend  Shelly. I met Shelly another quilter through face book and was surprised when she told me that she was cleaning out her stash and could she send me a few pieces. Well can you imagine my shock when I opened to box to find not just a few piece but a pile of fabric , tote bag and two CD full of music Shelly thought I might like .
What a lovely and  amazing range of fabrics Shelly sent me and as  Shelly said in her letter she has a thing for fish  a lot of them have a sea theme. I am always  amazed at the generosity of some people and a big Thank you to Shelly wish I could give her a hug , one day I might be able to .

 Now I have been sewing my challenge and am please to say that my scrape quilt is coming alone.  Although I have to say I  had to walk away a few times, until a customer said the secret to  a scrap quilt is not to think about it and I have to say is a bit easier when I don't ( lets hope it all works out in the end
I have made 6 of the 25 blocks needed will sew a few more tonight after my bike ride with the family . This weekend we have been busy taking control of the garden again and painting the fence. So a few early morning to try and get things finished before it get to hot. I thought you might like to see a few of the flowers that are still around after the  fighting with the weed, pruning and general neglect .

I tend to have a lot of palms in my garden and few flower but now that the palms  are bigger I can under plant them with things that flower, as they will now have shade from the hot summer sun . I haven't had the time I  would like to spend in my garden through the year but hopefully over the holidays we will get on top of it all again . Well that's me for today hope you have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by.
Big Hugs Bec


  1. glad you had a lovely time at the wedding in melbourne..........beautiful bride........
    great fabrics you won..........

  2. Love your scrap quilt - knew you could do it!
    Guess you won't be coming back to Melb next week! Will think of you while I check out all that lovely new fabric.

  3. Melbourne is amazing - love visiting there. A beautiful wedding and amazing parcel from your bloggy friend. Love, love, love your scrappy blocks. ann :-)

  4. The bride and groom look so happy... pleased to hear you had a wonderful weekend too!
    Your scrap quilt look wonderful... and love those pretty flowers!

  5. Hi Bec,
    Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I love my SSCS gifts. The stocking is wonderful and perfect for my front door. I love the colors in the table runner-reminds me of Florida, summer, and the beach. Thanks for being such a great SSCS swapper. Happy New Year.
    Sharon Z in Upstate NY
    Quilting With a Marmalade Cat