Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Time In Florida

I arrived safely here at Beena's place in Daytona Beach, Florida quite some time back. This place really is a paradise! The first thing I did was take off the mittens I came here with from New Zealand. Much too hot here, for that.
Daytona is most well known because people are allowed to drive right on the beach. Here is a picture of one of the beach ramps leading to the water.

While I was here, I made a friends with Nelson, a sock monkey who likes to surf. We had a lot of days where we just chilled out listening to the rock band "The Heavy" that sings that song "How You Like me Now". This is a picture the morning after we went to a night club. I think Nelson is a bit hung
over in this picture, and had too much to drink the night before.

Beena said it was "an absolute must" to buy a Daytona Beach t-shirt while I was here. It's a little big for me, but I love it. It's a tye-die shirt with a shark on it and these fake glittery drops of water. Volusia County is actually the shark bite capital of the world. Nelson says he's seen sharks sometimes when he's surfing, but for whatever reason, they have never been interested in eating him. Something about the way he a him natural protection against predators!

I spent some time watching Beena paint. I posed in front of her painting for her.

She admitted to me she likes this painting so much she is going to turn it into fabric for a quilt.

We shopped today for some souvenirs to bring to the Netherlands, and I am also bringing some fat quarters with me. I sure am going to miss watching Beena paint her dreamy sea scapes, and I'll miss surfing and hitting the night life with Nelson! This has been a very relaxing visit, filled with long days at the beach!


  1. Oh I am so jealouse of you what a fun time you are having and I hope you have beeen on your best behaviour for Beena. I think your t-shirt is the best and beena dose some lovely painting you where lucky to get to see it.
    Big Hugs miss you Mum

  2. I see bear had a great time. I suppose he is coming to me now. I hope he has a great time with me too, although the weather is getting colger here.

  3. Beautiful photos. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.