Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello I have been away for awhile and how I have missed everyone thanks for the few people how sent me emails to make sure all was well, life is good just busy at the moment. Bear Bear has been having a great time in New Zealand so go and look at his blog for the latest.

I have been lucky to see some amazing quilts in the past few years and some that have left me looking for a answer. I came across one of those the other day the lady had used one of those blue marking pens and is now unable to remove some of the marks, So my question to quilters out there is have you got any idea on how to remove these marks ?

I also have come across some quilting sins and think the top one on this list should be measure your borders, I understand that some times you are just so please to be on the home stretch of your quilt that you just sew your borders on and hope for the best but this can real make or break and quilt I think. So what would you class as other quilting sins I am sure we all have one that we just always look for . Well enjoy the rest of your week and happy sewing .
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Hi, Bec!
    Glad to hear Bear Bear is enjoying New Zealand!
    I have to agree with you about the borders, especially if a person is sending the quilt out to a long armer for quilting. I can usually "quilt out" the un-evenness on a domestic machine. But one of the biggest complaints long armers make is that the borders were added improperly by a client.
    I would also have to say that before a person mark up a full size quilt they have labored over, to test the marking tool on scraps of all the different fabrics used. Some marking tools (like the blue pens) do not work well with certain fabrics.
    Anyway. I have not done much blogging at all, but saw your post and thought to leave a comment.
    I miss you, Bec! Was just thinking about you earlier today!

  2. I use the blue washaway pens all the time for marking my quilting and I have to say that I've never (fingers crossed here) had a problem with removing the marks. A quick spray with cold water has been the answer for me every time. I don't always wash a quilt when it's finished so hence the spray bottle.

  3. I've had quilts where the blue seems to have washed out but as time has passed it has become evident that it never truly washes out no matter what. A friend who used to use the blue pen had a quilt where the fabric actually rotted along the pen lines & she was very particular about the care of her quilts. Hence we no longer use the blus pens. Jeanette

  4. Marking pens have always been a problem for me but I have recently bought some new ones that I'm testing and will write a review on soon. The big selling plus point about them is that they do not damage the fabric. As Jeanette says some pens, even if the marks do rub or wash out leave a residue that rots the fabric in time - not good if you've put your life and soul into a quilt as we do. Glad Bear Bear is having a good time with Michelle and family, when is he coming to England?

  5. I'm glad you're back again Bec. I missed you.

  6. Hello Bec, Nice you posted again. I inot go long on holliday because we had 4 weeks of rain. Borders is a problem to because they are often to width or to small.

  7. I had one not wash out easy with a quick wet so put it thru the washing machine and it all disappeared.........

  8. I'm glad your ok I know how busy life can get. Boy I hope that blue marker comes out, did she try washing it in the washer?

    Come on over for some pie! I'm going to make an apple next!