Saturday, December 5, 2009

While I was in Melbourne Lillian, my mum , auntie and I went to a shop full of OLD things I know they are called antique shop. Now don't get me wrong they are great places if you want to see some history and I know alot of you out their love them but I just can't get the hang off this collecting of old things (sorry). I love the way some people can mix new and old together but I just don't have the knack .I have some things that have been handed down to me and I do treasure them and will look after them to hand on to my boys and maybe with time I will get the knack off it . I even have the most ugliest glass fish you have ever seen but that's for another day I think , I don't want to ruin your day with its ugliness's.

Any way while their Lillian discovered the old dollies and found two butterfly ones, now these where cute and on buying them she cut them in two gave me one and said I was to make something using it.

So I did the other night and here it is I have turned it into a pillow so something old is now new again. I even got the hang off putting in a zipper well almost .
I have had fun with this and who knows next time I pass one of these OLD shops I might just have a look at the dollies I guess this might be the start of it .
Happy sewing
Big Hugs Bec


  1. Oh wow, that's a pretty neat cushion for someone that doesn't DO old things. LOL! That butterfly is fabulous, never seen one that shape, you'll be hooked soon!!

  2. Great job ! Next time you pop into an old shop you might find me there shopping , lol !

  3. Beautiful cushion Bec, great idea. I have a collection of new Burleighware jugs that i hope will one day be collectors items for my kids!!! xo

  4. I am not a person to go to an antique shop. I always think this is what other people throw away. But sometimes something can be beautiful. I wish you a very nice Sta Nicholas evening, although I think in Australia it is on 6th of december. Here he comes always on the evening of 5 december.

  5. Hi, Bec!
    I love your butterfly pillow, you did a very nice job.
    The antique shops are very different from the thrift shops here, in that they are usually a lot more expensive and filled with items that have been appraised and have a much higher value. Many antiques are more valuable than brand new items.
    Personally, though not a collector by any means, I do like antique milk glass and wooden furniture. I could not afford some of the antique wooden furniture, though I do admire the tremendous craftsmanship that you won't find in most of today's furniture.

  6. Hi Bec
    I pop into antique shops every now then, maybe a thrift store even less than that! But I think that butterfly is gorgeous, and looks right at home on your cushion.

  7. I love it and yes I'm one of those people that love old stuff!

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Love the pillow.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  9. Just love the butterfly. So beautiful and had to be used someway. I have a small pile of things like that I need to use too, but not so pretty as yours was. Zippers make me sweat too.