Monday, June 15, 2009

Well here it is my quilt for the quilt swap. This has been one of the hardest and most enjoyable projects that I have had to do for a while. I found it difficult to make something this small , but after I got over the hurdle of size it was a lot of fun playing with designs. I just hope that it will be liked when it arrives overseas.
As you all know I have a long arm quilting machine and on the weekend my hubby had some mates over for a BBQ. One of his mates is a big car nut and on seeing my machine noticed the straps on the side, which are used to help hold the quilt tight . He then turned to me and asked why I had jumper cables on the machine, was it to help get the machine running?
I do sometimes wounder what makes a male mind tick. After such a remark not a lot as it would appear.
Big hugs


  1. Being a longarmer myself I LAUGHED OUT LOUD
    at this comment!

    Good to find your blog! I see that you have already signed up for the next swap as well.

    The Spring Blooms was SO MUCH FUN! And I really do love the quilt you sent me!
    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!

  2. Such a stunning quilt. Can I put an order in Bec. No don't stress I know how much work you have. Love how the butterflies jump out at you.