Monday, January 26, 2009

Final finished Wisteria Rambling by Tracey Browning she designed this for the National Breast Cancer appearing in the Australian Quilters Companion no 27 . I have taken longer than I wanted to finish it because it went on and of my machine a few too many times.

It has been the perfect weekend to finish it , as the weather has been very wet here on the sunshine coast. I do like the rain I don't feel so guilty for staying inside and sewing.
Cheers for now


  1. Wow Rebecca,
    I have just popped into your blog and what a lovely day to visit it! Your finished quilt looks really lovely, congratulations on finishing it!! It really looks stunning!!
    Cheers Erica

  2. Wow this quilt is amazing, you obviously got all the artistic flair in the family. I'm jealous but don't have the patience to quilt, that's why I get you to do it all.